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The Miranda chair with perforated backrest is distinctive for its originality and personality within the Cattelan Italia chair collection.

The body is rich in sartorial details, realised with the utmost care and precision. The seat and backrest, modelled like two complementary shells, have a polygonal shape, enriched by rounded edges and gentle curves. If this design chair is a shell, it cannot help but reveal a magnificent pearl inside, created, or rather subtracted, by the designer with the expedient of the elliptical cavity in the backrest.

This chair with a hole in the backrest is also enriched by soft ripples, like waves on the shore, which accentuate the feeling of comfort. The seat portion has an obvious and welcoming curvature, which is further emphasised by the raised stitching that matches the leather or fabric: a touch of elegance that highlights the craftsmanship with which it is made.

The model is available in the Miranda Wood version, with frame and legs made from fine woods, and in the Miranda ML version, with steel legs that provide a more slender and manageable seat.

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