Shape-shifting illusion from a game-changing designer

Alain Gilles’ response to the Bonaldo Design Challenge of 2020 was to play with geometry, and our senses.  His stunning Geometric Table looks different from every aspect, creating a shape-shifting illusion that is, at times, almost hypnotic. The concept is based on

four cunningly contoured legs with which appear either thick and rounded or sharp and thin, depending on your viewpoint, the illusion created by the actual structure of the base is given further drama as the surrounding lighting alters during the course of the day and the culminative effect is one of an exciting piece of modern sculpture.  Gilles offers a range of finished for both base and top, and for those who want to explore that ‘fresh modelled’ vibe, has even created a special clay hand finished spatula effect terracotta which gives the entire frame a truly sculptural look.

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