Dopler K

Style that resonates

Instant bowl-over impact from two stunning sideboards: the lowline Doppler and the tall Doppler K. Optical illusions and asymmetrical lines characterise both and neither will fade quietly into the design background.  These are confident pieces of furniture which demand, and reward, attention. Bold and contrasting geometric patterns or vibrant echoes of geological layering are juxtaposed to create the illusion of overlapping surfaces and, whichever option you choose, the effect is super dramatic.  With Doppler it’s all about clever illusion for the surfaces are actually made of single panels, but with asymmetrical openings to continue to tease the senses. The effect is complemented by restrained lacquered wood frames on a solid base. The lowline Doppler was originally designed for dining or living areas and the taller Doppler K for bedrooms but these stunning pieces will command attention and admiration wherever you place them.

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